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Ashley "Picassa" Brown

Is a painter based in Washington, D.C.

Ashley Brown is a native of Memphis, TN whose roots stretch from New York to Louisiana. Ashley began drawing around the age of 5 and won her first art competition at the age of 7.  Initially, her parents, had no idea that she was artistically inclined.  What began as friendly competition between a kindergarten classmate ignited her artistic capabilities.  Since then, her bodies of work, talents, and style have evolved.

         While competing in the NAACP ACT-SO Competition, Ashley was introduced to her future mentor-to-be, the renowned artist, Phillip Dotson who would later introduce Ashley to the great LeMoyne-Owen College. During Ashley's tenure as an art major, she dedicated her services tirelessly to LeMoyne-Owen College, numerous charities and nonprofit organizations, and to arts education. Currently, Ashley resides in Washington, D.C. and works with the youth as an art teacher.

“Painting is my key to a secret garden, my looking glass, and light at the end of any dark tunnel. A kindergarten journal sparked my interest for art, a loving high school art teacher prepped my gift, my college mentor would push me to the point of no return, and because of this, I found my creative niche. My artwork surpasses racial barriers so that all may enjoy an aesthetic experience running over with color and imagination”, Ashley Brown.

Selected Clients

City Of Memphis, Mayor's Office

Mix & Mingle Ent.

Chef of the Cigar World

Havana Cigars

Latest Exhibitions


Pepco Edison Gallery

Washington, D.C.



Washington, D.C.



MCA Hyde Gallery

Memphis, TN

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